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Connecticut Power of Attorney

The Connecticut Power of Attorney document is a form that allows an individual to appoint a person they trust to act as their "Agent", who will make important and legal decisions on their behalf. In Connecticut, Public Act 15-240 outlines the standards and requirements for all power of attorney forms created in the state. These statutes specify that a Principal must be over the age of 18, and must sign and date the agreement in the presence of two (2) adult witnesses. Also, the Agent may not sign as a witness. Connecticut law allows a Principal to grant powers to their agent to consent, refuse consent, or withdraw medical treatment on behalf of the Principal. The Agent, will not, however, have power of attorney over pregnant patients. Until the unborn child is either born or passes away, the doctor will maintain care in the Principal and unborn child's best interest.

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How to Complete a Connecticut Power of Attorney

The first declaration that the Principal must make is to declare themselves as the Principal. This occurs when he or she states their full name, along with their complete address. Next, the Principal will appoint their Agent. This is done by providing the name, address, and contact information of the appointed person. Once the Agent has been named, the Principal will then specify the powers being conveyed to them. This can be one or multiple powers, as long as they are in accordance with Connecticut's laws. Lastly, the Principal will sign and date the document before having it witnessed by two (2) adults.

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