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A Connecticut Living Will is a legal document that allows an individual, known as a Principal, to create a written record of the medical treatment they would and would like to receive if they ever fall into a terminally ill or incapacitated state. A living will not only provides general direction, but allows the Principal to provide specific instructions in various instances so that his or her wishes can be exactly executed. In Connecticut, a living will and a healthcare power of attorney document are sometimes used interchangeably because both documents refer to an individual's written statement declaring their healthcare wishes. The state of Connecticut uses Chapter 368w to outline how these documents should be structured and implemented. These laws state that the Advocate that the Principal names has the right to consent or refuse consent to any medical procedure in regards to the Principal. However, Advocates may not make decisions toward a principal's health who is pregnant. Chapter 368w also sets requirements for the living will document itself. The statutes state that the Principal must be at least 18 years old or older to execute a legal living will document. In addition, the living will must be dated and signed in the presence of two (2) witnesses who are also signing the living will. Important to note in the state of Connecticut is that the appointed Advocate may not sign as a witness to the living will.

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The first step to completing a Connecticut Living will is to provide the Principal's identifying information. This information will consist of his or her first and last name, along with their gender, address, and telephone number. Next, the Advocate will be appointed. This is the individual who will ensure that the Principal's wishes are followed. His or her full name, phone number, and address should be provided so that the individual may be officially appointed. Next, the Principal will specifically detail any medical procedures, interventions, or treatments that he or she will and will not consent to. This section will cover specific instances so it is important to include every detail. Once this section has been completed and all of the Principal's wishes have been documented, he or she will then sign the document in the presence of two (2) witnesses. The two witnesses will then sign the document and it may then be made a part of the Principal's medical records.

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