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Connecticut Last Will and Testament

A Connecticut Last Will and Testament is an important part of estate planning that allows a person, referred to as a Testator, to declare their wishes toward their estate after they pass away. In the state of Connecticut, all Testators are required to be of sound mind and at least 18 years of age or older. Connecticut does not allow oral wills, even in emergency situations. This means that all last wills must be in writing and in accordance with Chapter 802 of the Connecticut General Statutes. These statutes dictate that a handwritten will may only be recognized if two attesting witnesses sign the will. Connecticut statutes also provide direction on revoking wills. According to these statutes, a Testator may revoke a will by tearing, burning, or destroying a will in the presence of a witness, or by creating a new will, which will revoke a previous version.

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How to Complete a Connecticut Last Will and Testament

Creating a Will in Colorado is a straightforward process, but requires time and attention to detail. Since a Testator will be deceased when the will is used by the Executor (the person appointed to execute the responsibilities of the will), it is imperative that the information within the document is clear. If no resolution between those named in the will can be found, the courts will decide the best resolution. To avoid this, a clear, detailed will can make the transition of property, assets, and even children as smooth as possible.

The first thing that a Testator will want to record is their full name and address. This will prevent any legal confusion if there is a person with the same name. The next section that will be detailed will be the Testator's wishes in regards to their estate, assets, and even funeral and repass arrangements. These details will cover who inherits what, who is disinherited, and who will receive certain property, and who is disinherited. Once all of these wishes have been detailed, the Testator along with two (2) witnesses will sign the agreement and it may take effect.

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