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An Alaska Power of Attorney document is a legal document that allows an individual to appoint someone they trust to make important decisions on their behalf. In this instance, the appointed individual is referred to as an "Agent" and will make various decisions depending on the type of power of attorney form used. In Alaska, power of attorney documents are governed and enforced by Title 13 of the Alaska statutes. There are many different types of power of attorney forms, which all grant the Agent different powers. In Alaska, Title 13 is clear that an individual may authorize their Agent to consent or refuse to consent to certain medical procedures and pain-relieving medicine, however, the Agent may not legally authorize the termination of life-sustaining procedures like life-support or a feeding tube. These directions must be directed in the individual's living will.

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How to Complete an Alaska Power of Attorney

There are many types of power of attorney forms available to a principal in Alaska. Although each document will look different depending on its function, the basic information needed with generally be the same. The first piece of information that a power of attorney form will establish is the name of the Principal; this is the name of the person who is appointing someone to handle affairs on their behalf. The Principal will need to provide their full name, and complete address. The next piece of information that the Principal will need to complete is the full name, complete address, and contact number of his or her appointed Agent. If the Principal decides to appoint a second Agent, the same information can be provided for the secondary agent. The next piece of information that the Principal will need to provide will be the powers granted to the Agent. These powers may be specific to real estate transactions, tax responsibilities, and so forth. Once all of the necessary information has been provided, the Principal may sign the document and have it notarized by a Notary Public.

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