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Alaska Last Will and Testament

The Alaska Last Will and Testament is a legal document that is governed by Title 13 of the state's statutes that work to lay out the grounds and requirements for creating a successful, legally enforced last will and testament. These laws state that in Alaska, a Testator (the individual who is delegating where their belonging will go) must be at least 18 years of age or older and be of sound mind. In addition, the state requires two (2) witnesses to sign and attest the document to start its validity. In Alaska, handwritten wills are accepted as long as they are both written and signed by the Testator.

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How to Complete an Alaska Last Will and Testament

To complete an Alaska Will, the first thing that the Testator will need to do is write their full name and include a sentence that declares that this document is intended to be the Testator's Will. Next, the Testator's complete address should be provided. After this statement, all of the Testator's wishes should be described in detail. This section will take up the bulk of the Will, stating exactly who will inherit what, and what will be done with all assets, property, and other possessions. Funeral, repass, as well as information on disinherited individuals will also be described in this section of the Will. Once it is complete, Testator must sign and date the document, as well as have two (2) witnesses sign.

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