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An Alaska Living Will is a document that allows you to voice your wishes should you fall into an incapacitated state. Unlike certain power of attorney documents which may cover financial or other matters regarding your personal affairs, a living will not only names an Advocate who will voice your wishes when you cannot express them yourself, but this document also clarifies what treatments and procedures you would and would not like to receive if you ever incapacitated or facing end-of-life comfort care. Because of the power of attorney parallel that document carries, it is often combined with a power of attorney to ensure that not only will your wishes be heard, but that a person will also be named to make these medical care decisions when healthcare professionals need answers. In Alaska, AS 18.12 sets the standard for all living will documents created in the state. These statutes require you to be at least 18 years old and competent to write this kind of document on your own. Furthermore, these documents must be of a statutory form and signed by yourself and two (2) witnesses or a notary public.

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How to Complete an Alaska Living Will

The first step that you must take to complete your living will is to provide your personal information which will consist of your full name, gender, address, and telephone. Next, you will provide information on the person who will act as your advocate. This information will include his or her full name, address, telephone number.

The next portion of the Living Will will go into detail about your wishes. These wishes will cover whether or not there is a specified date that you'd like the document to take effect and whether or not you would like to attach a Power of Attorney to this document. Next, you will detail all of his or her wishes regarding specific wishes in various circumstances. Once all of your wishes have been detailed, you'll sign and date the document in the presence of two (2) witnesses. The witnesses will then sign, and the document may then take effect.

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