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The Wyoming Power of Attorney is a legally enforced document that allows an individual, referred to as a Principal, to appoint someone they trust to represent their interests in a particular situation. These forms come in a variety of forms, to allow a person to appoint an individual in a variety of situations. Wyoming Law requires all power of attorney forms must conform to Title 3, Chapter 9, Article 1 of the Wyoming Code. When using a Healthcare Power of Attorney, the state of Wyoming allows Agents the ability to consent, refuse consent, or withdraw consent of any medical procedure, treatment, intervention or any other type of intervention that would prolong life. What Wyoming does not allow is for an Agent to refuse consent to pain alleviation and remove comfort care. Additionally, Agents may not refuse consent for psychosurgery or commitment to a mental facility.

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A Wyoming Power of Attorney document can be completed fairly quickly and only requires a few pieces of information from the Principal. First, the Principal will need to provide his or her full name and complete address of residence. Next, the Principal will provide information on the Agent he or she is nominating. This will be done by providing the full name of the Agent, his or her full address and telephone number. Next, the Principal will then specify the powers being granted to the Agent. These powers can be limited, or can be broad and will depend entirely on the Principal's wishes. Once powers have been designated, the document will be signed and notarized by a state-certified Notary Public.

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