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A Wyoming Living Will is more commonly known as an Advance Directive and allows an individual, referred to as a Declarant, to place in writing their decisions in regard to how they would like medical professionals to act in case they are ever in a terminally ill or incapacitated state. This document also allows the Declarant to appoint an Advocate who he or she can trust to make important decisions if a situation ever arises that is not listed in the living will. Wyoming uses Title 35 Chapter 22 of the Wyoming Revised Statutes to govern all living wills implemented in the state. These declare that all individuals who create a living will must be at least 18 years old and create this document in writing; in Wyoming, oral living will agreements are not allowed. Furthermore, a Wyoming Living Will must be signed by the Declarant in the presence of two (2) witnesses who are not related to the Declarant. Also notable is that a Wyoming Living Will document will not become effective until the Declarant is declared incapacitated, in writing, by two (2) e physicians.

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How to Complete a Wyoming Living Will

A Wyoming Living Will can be completed fairly quickly; however, it is important that the Declarant specifies their exact wishes to ensure they received their desired care. The first step that the Declarant will take to complete their living will document will be to provide identifying information. This will consist of their full name, address, gender, and telephone number. Next, the Declarant will appoint their Advocate by providing his or her first and last name, address, and telephone number. Because incapacitations or a terminally-ill condition may be sudden and unforeseen, it is wise to appoint an alternative Advocate in case the primary Advocate is unavailable. The alternate Advocate's name, address, and telephone number should be provided. Next, the Declarant's wishes will be specifically listed. Here, consent and refusals for procedures like CPR, blood transfusions, feeding tubes and other forms of life support will be detailed. This section will also detail information on the Declarant's primary care physician and any anatomical donations. When all details have been accounted for, the Declarant will sign and date the document in the presence of two non-related (2) witnesses. Once the witnesses have signed, the document may be sent to the Declarant's physician so that it may be made a part of his or her medical records.

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