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Wyoming Last Will and Testament

A Wyoming Last Will and Testament is a legal document that allows a person to write and legally declare their wishes in regards to their estate after their death. In Wyoming, last will and testaments are governed and enforced by Title 2 of the Wyoming Revised Statutes, which states that in addition to every Will requiring two (2) competent witnesses and that each Testator must be a legal adult. In addition, Title 2 also specifies the type of Wills accepted and not accepted by the state. Sometimes a Testator will create a Will shortly before their death. Sometimes this Will may be a Nuncupative Will, commonly known as an Oral Will, or a Holographic Will, commonly known as a Handwritten Will. However, in Wyoming, Oral Wills are not recognized. Holographic Wills are recognized, however, this is only if the entire document is written in the Testator's handwriting. Holographic Wills need no witnesses.

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How to Complete a Wyoming Last Will and Testament

In order to complete a last will and testament, the first thing that a Testator will need to provide is their full name and complete address (including city, state, and zip code). After they provide this information, they will need to provide the name of their Executor; this is the person charged with carrying out the responsibilities of the will. Next, the Testator will name beneficiaries; providing their name and exact inheritance. Once all the information has been provided by the Testator along with his or her two (2) witnesses, the document will then take effect.

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