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The Washington Power of Attorney form is a document that a person would use to legally appoint someone they trust to act on their behalf in a particular situation. These documents come in various forms and allow an individual to convey their decision-making authority in a variety of situations. In Washington, Chapter 11.125 of the Washington Code regulates and enforces all power of attorney documents implemented in the state. Chapter 11 dictates that all durable power of attorney documents (documents that continue their effectiveness after the Principal's incapacitation) must be in writing and must clearly designate the Agent, stating that this document will remain in effect after his or her incapacitation. Power of attorney documents are legally enforceable and require parties to comply with them as long as they are completed correctly. However, Chapter 11.125 provides protections for doctors who may not comply, for whatever reason, with a power of attorney document. Although doctors must generally comply with power of attorney documents, Washington laws specify that as long as a doctor acts in good faith and shows no negligence, he or she will not face any liability.

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A Washington Power of Attorney can be completed fairly quickly as long as the Principal has the proper information. The first piece of information that must be provided is the Principal's first and last name. Next, the Agent's name and address will be listed along with his or her phone number. Now, the Agent's powers will be described. Now that all of the instructions, names, and information has been provided, the signatures may begin. The first signature that will be provided is the Principal's. Next, the Principal will either have the document notarized or signed by two (2) witnesses depending on the state's signing requirements for the document being used.

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