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Washington Last Will and Testament

A Washington Last Will and Testament is a document backed by the state that allows a person to designate how their estate will be distributed after their death. In this situation, the individual, known as the Testator, has the freedom to leave his or her assets to children, a surviving spouse, loved ones and even charity. Washington governs these documents with Title 11 of the Washington State Code, which states that any person over the age of 18 (or an emancipated minor), who is also of sound mind, may create a last will and testament. In addition to requiring two (2), competent witnesses to attest a will, these statutes also set standards for the type of wills that may be created in the state. For example, Holographic Wills, commonly known as Handwritten Wills are not recognized in any legal capacity. Nuncupative Wills, however, commonly known as Oral Wills, are recognized with restrictions. Oral Wills in Washington may not disperse real estate, nor convey personal items in excess of $1,000.

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How to Complete a Washington Last Will and Testament

To create a Last Will in Virginia, the first piece of information that a Testator will need to provide is his or her full name and complete address. This information will not only affirm the Testator's identity but will also prove the Testator's identity should the document go to court. Next, the Testator will appoint an Executor by providing their full name and contact information. An Executor is an individual charged with executing the responsibilities of the will after the Testator's passing. Without an appointed Executor, the state will appoint one to perform these duties. Next, the Testator will declare their wishes in regards to their estate. These wishes may include how they want assets divided, and any wishes they have in regards to their funeral or repass service. Once this information has been provided, the Testator and two (2) witnesses will sign the will so that it may take effect.

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