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Oregon Power of Attorney

An Oregon Power of Attorney document is a legally backed form that a person, referred to in this instance as a Principal, would use to convey their decision-making power to someone they trust, referred to as an Agent. As an Agent, the appointed individual can make decisions and take action just as the Principal would. In Oregon, these documents must conform to Chapter 127 of the Oregon Revised Statutes, which state that in regards to healthcare, an Agent will have the ability to make medical decisions when these decisions do not conflict with any other directives.

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How to Complete an Oregon Power of Attorney

In order to complete an Oregon Power of Attorney, the first thing that the Principal will need to do is identify themselves as the Principal. This information will consist of his or her full first and last name, along with their complete address. Next, the Principal will need to identify their Agent. This is done by writing the Agent's full name, address, and telephone number. Now the Principal will describe which powers are being conveyed to the Agent. Finally, the document will need to be dated, signed, and witnessed by two (witnesses) or notarized before it will take effect. It is important to note that whether a particular power of attorney form needs to be notarized, signed by two (2) witnesses, or both, will depend on the type of power of attorney being used.

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