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Oregon Last Will and Testament

An Oregon Last Will and Testament is a document that allows a person over the age of 18 to declare how they would like the assets of their estate distributed after their death. These documents may delegate an estate to charity, to a spouse, divide them among children, or any combination that the individual, known as a Testator, wishes. In Oregon, these documents are governed by Chapter 112 of Oregon's Laws which dictate that a will must be validated by two witnesses to be recognized. The statutes also dictate which types of alternate wills will be recognized by the state. Sometimes, emergency situations do not warrant the time to create a formal will. Because of this, Testators will opt to create a Nuncupative Will, commonly known as an Oral Will, while others will opt for a Holographic Will, commonly known as a Handwritten Will. However, in Oregon, neither form is recognized by the state and will not be recognized by any legal or financial institution if used.

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How to Complete an Oregon Last Will and Testament

Completing a last will and testament in Oregon is a straightforward process that will require basic personal information while providing specific estate details to ensure that there is no confusion. The first piece of information that a Testator will need to provide is their full name as well as their full address. After providing their personal details, the Testator should then provide the full name and contact number of their Executor. Next, the Testator will describe how the assets of their estate will be divided or dispersed. This section will differ for every Testator, however, this section may include everything from physical property inheritance, to who will care for the Testator's minor children. Once all of the Testator's wishes have been documented, he or she will sign the document, followed by his or her witnesses.

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