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An Ohio Power of Attorney is a legally backed document that allows a person to designate another individual to act on their behalf. These documents can cover a variety of situations where someone would need another person to act, and make decisions on their behalf. Some of these situations involve real estate, vehicle matters, and tax preparations, but also commonly include the care of a minor child, healthcare decisions, and financial matters. In Ohio, all of these documents must conform to Chapter 1337 of the Ohio Statutes. These statutes dictate that all power of attorney documents must involve a Principal who is a legal adult of sound mind and that each document must be dated, signed, and notarized or signed by two (2) witnesses. The purpose of notarization or obtaining signatures from two witnesses is to attest that the power of attorney document is not fraudulent and that the Principal is indeed of sound mind.

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The first piece of information that a Principal must provide in order to complete an Ohio Power of Attorney is his or her first and last name and address. Next, the Agent's first and last name address of residence, and contact number will be provided. Once the Agent has been identified, his or her responsibilities will be listed along with any special instructions that the Principal may have. Finally, the Principal will sign the document and have it witnessed or notarized according to the state's requirements for the document they are using.

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