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Ohio Last Will and Testament

An Ohio Last Will and Testament is a legal document that a person referred to in this situation as a Testator, would create to ensure that the items of their estate will be dispersed according to their wishes upon their death. Chapter 2107 of the Ohio Revised Code enforces wills written and implemented in Ohio and states that in addition to a Testator being a legal adult who is of sound mind and not under any type of restraint, all wills must be signed by two (2) attesting witnesses. The state has provisions for Nuncupative Wills, commonly known as Oral Wills. Oral Wills are recognized in Ohio as long as they are created during the Testator's final sickness and reduced to writing within 10 days and the document is then signed by two (2) disinterested witnesses. These two witnesses must also prove that the Testator was of sound mind and memory, and was not being forced or coerced. The state will also recognize Holographic Wills if they are completed in the Testator's signature and two (2) witnesses attest the signing.

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How to Complete an Ohio Last Will and Testament

To complete a last will and testament in the state of Ohio, a Testator would need a few simple, yet detailed pieces of information to ensure that the form not only meets the state requirements but also gives the Executor and beneficiaries all of the information they need to make things as easy as possible. The first piece of information that the Testator will need to provide is his or her full name and complete address. Next, an Executor will need to be named. This will consist of the person's first and last name plus a contact number. Once the Executor has been named, the Testator will then describe which beneficiary receives what item or asset. Once these wishes have been completed, the Testator will sign and have his or her (2) witnesses sign the bottom of the document. Once it has been signed, the will becomes a legally enforceable document.

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