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Missouri Power of Attorney

The Missouri Power of Attorney is a document that allows a person to convey their decision-making authority to someone else in a variety of situations. A power of attorney is often used for healthcare, temporary childcare, tax purposes, real estate, vehicle, and even financial affairs. In these instances, the person appointing someone to make these decisions on their behalf is referred to as the Principal, while the individual appointed to carry out these affairs is known as the Agent. Missouri has a variety of Power of attorney forms; each of which holds different requirements under Missouri Law. Here are a few examples of the various requirements for different types of power of attorney forms:

Durable Power of Attorney
The Durable Power of Attorney form ensures that a person’s finances will continue to be handled even if they fall into a state of incapacitation. To implement this type of power of attorney, the document will need to be notarized by a state-certified Notary Public.

Healthcare Power of Attorney
A Healthcare Power of Attorney is used when a Principal wants to appoint someone they trust to make critical healthcare decisions on their behalf when they are unable. According to Missouri statutes, a Healthcare Power of Attorney must be signed by two (2) competent witnesses and a Notary Public.

Tax Power of Attorney
A Tax Power of Attorney is used when a person wishes to appoint a tax professional to prepare their taxes. These documents only require the signature of the Principal.

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How to Complete a Missouri Power of Attorney

The Missouri Power of Attorney document can be completed fairly quickly with just a few simple pieces of information. The first thing that the Principal will provide is their first and last name, along with their complete address. Next, the Agent's information will be filled in. This will consist of his or her full name, address, and telephone number. Once the Agent has been identified, the Principal will indicate which powers are being conveyed. Finally, the document will be signed and/or notarized according to the state's requirements.

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