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Missouri Last Will and Testament

A Missouri Last Will and Testament is a document backed by state law that allows an individual, known as a Testator, to set forth how they would like their assets, property, and other items of value delegated after their death. In Missouri, last will documents are governed by Chapter 474 of the Missouri Code which dictates that Testators must be at least 18 years of age or older (or an emancipated minor) and be of sound mind. Furthermore, these statutes clarify the type of wills that are recognized in Missouri. For example, the statues clarify that Oral Wills will only be recognized if the Testator is in his or her last days and this will is declared before two disinherited witnesses. Furthermore, these statutes declare that oral wills may not delegate more than $500 worth of property. The statutes make no mention of the use of Handwritten Wills.

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How to Complete a Missouri Last Will and Testament

To create a will in Missouri, the first thing that a Testator must do is provide their full name and complete address. This helps to eliminate any confusion if this will was contested and taken to court. Next, the Testator would provide the name of the person they are appointing to execute their will. Doing this will alleviate the need for the state to appoint an Executor. Once an Executor has been named, the Testator may then go into stating their wishes. This portion will name each individual beneficiary and what they will and will not inherit. Once this information has been provided, the Testator, as well as all witnesses will sign, so the document may take effect.

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