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Michigan Power of Attorney

A Michigan Power of Attorney Form is a document that allows you to transfer their legal decision-making power to another individual whom you trust (referred to as an Agent). This document grants another person to access and conduct personal transactions on your behalf. The Michigan Power of Attorney is a highly versatile document, as it comes in many forms and allows specific powers to be granted if you (the Principal) does not wish to hand over your decision-making power over all areas. In Michigan, all power of attorney documents must conform to Chapter 386 of the Michigan Statutes. These laws require you to be at least 18 years old and of sound mind when creating a document like this. In addition, you must have this document signed by at least two (2) witnesses or notarized by a Notary Public. One interesting fact about Michigan Power of Attorney documents is that if you use a Healthcare Power of Attorney, which allows your Agent to make critical healthcare decisions should you become unable, it must be made part of your medical records before being implemented. Additionally, these directives may not be used for pregnant patients.

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How to Complete a Michigan Power of Attorney

The Michigan Power of Attorney document is a fairly simple document to complete, and only requires a few pieces of information. The first piece of information that you must provide is is your full name, and complete address. Next, you should provide information on the person you are nominating to be your Agent. Do this by providing his or her first and last name, along with their address and contact number. If you wish to appoint a second Agent in case your primary is unavailable, do so by providing their information as well. Next, you should specify the powers that you are conveying to him or her. Once all of this information has been provided, the form can be completed by providing the date and your signature. Next, the document must be signed by your two (2) witnesses or notarized by a Notary Public.

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