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A Michigan Living Will, legally known in Michigan as a "Document Directing Health Care" is a document that allows a person to define their end-of-life care and the treatments that they will be subjected to if they ever fell into a terminally ill state. In this document, the Principal will define the exact care and treatment that they would want to receive when they are no longer in a state to actively consent or refuse consent. These wishes will direct which treatments and life-prolonging procedures physicians can perform. In Michigan, all living will documents must conform to Act 368 of the Michigan Legislature which defines how these documents are to be structured. These statutes require the Principal to be at least 18 years old and of sound mind. Furthermore, the document must be written, dated, and signed by at least two (2) witnesses.

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How to Complete a Michigan Living Will

The first step that the Principal must take when using a living will is to establish themselves as the Principal. This information will consist of their first and last name, their gender, full address, and telephone number. Next, the Principal will name his or her Advocate by providing their full name, address, and phone number. If the Principal wishes to appoint an alternate Advocate in case the primary Advocate is unavailable, he or she will provide the Alternate's information here. The next section will cover specific treatments and procedures that the Principal will and will not consent to. This section will also include other related topics such as physician information and anatomical donations. Finally, the document will be signed and dated by the Principal as well as his or her two (2) witnesses.

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