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A Maine Living Will is a document that also takes the form of an Advance Directive. Combining the effects of a power of attorney, this document allows a person to declare their healthcare wishes while nominating an Advocate to ensure that these wishes are followed. For example, the individual who creates this document, known as the Principal or the Declarant, may state that they will consent certain life-prolonging treatments, but will refuse others. These procedures or treatments may include CPR, MRIs, life support, and other interventions. In Maine, all living will documents must conform to Title 18A Article 5 of the Maine Revised Statutes. These statutes state that a person may dictate which life-prolonging procedures they do and do not wish to be subjected to. In order for this document to be enforced, the creator must be a legal adult, signed by the Principal, and two (2) witnesses. In addition, this document must be substantially similar to the statutory form described in Title 18A.

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The first piece of information that will be provided is the Principal's name, address, gender, and telephone number. Next, the Advocate will be appointed by providing their first and last name, address, and a reliable contact number. The next section will detail which procedures the Principal will and will not consent to. This section will specifically name procedures like CPR, feeding and hydration tubes. This section will also detail information on anatomical donations, as well as the Principal's primary care physician. Once the Principal's wishes have been documented and the living will is complete, the Principal will sign in the presence of two witnesses. Once he or she has signed and dated the document, the witnesses will sign as well.

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