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Maine Last Will and Testament

A Maine Last Will and Testament is a document that allows an individual, known as a Testator, to create a legally enforced declaration as to what they want to happen to their estate after they pass. This document will include inheritance, disinheritance information, as well as funeral and repass information. In Maine, these documents are governed by Title 18 of the Maine Revised Statutes which state that a Testator must be at least 18 years old and of sound mind in order to be eligible to create a will. Additionally, these statutes specify the types of wills recognized in the state. For example, Nuncupative, commonly known as Oral Wills are not recognized in Maine, however, the state will recognize Handwritten Wills, formally known as Holographic Wills, if the entirety of the Will is written in the Testator's handwriting.

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How to Complete a Maine Last Will and Testament

To complete a will in Maine, a Testator will need to provide is their full name and address. After they have provided this information, they will name their Executor who must carry out the responsibilities of the will. Next, the Testator will declare who their beneficiaries are and what each one will receive. This information should be very specific to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings and may cover everything from inheritance information, to funeral and repass information. Once all the necessary information has been provided, the Testator, along with his or her two (2) witnesses will sign, and the document will then take effect.

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