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Louisiana Power of Attorney

A Louisiana Power of Attorney document is a legal form that allows a person legally and officially officiate someone to act on their behalf, making important and critical decisions when they are unavailable or unable. Title 9 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes governs all power of attorney documents in the state and requires this document to be notarized and signed by two (2) competent witnesses. These statutes also allow the Principal to revoke the power of attorney at any time regardless of his or her state of mind. A power of attorney can be revoked by the Principal destroying the document, writing a letter indicating the revocation, or giving a verbal or nonverbal indication that the power of attorney is no longer valid.

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How to Complete a Louisiana Power of Attorney

Completing a Louisiana Power of Attorney is a fairly simple process that requires just a few pieces of information from the Principal. First, the Principal will provide his or her full name along with his or her address. Next, the Principal will provide information about the Agent he or she is appointing. This information will include the Agent's first and last name, complete address, and telephone number. Once the Agent has been appointed, the Principal will then specify which powers are being conveyed to the Agent. Once these steps have been taken, the Principal will then sign and date the agreement before having it witnessed or notarized.

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