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An Illinois living will is a legal document that is used to declare a person's medical wishes if during their end-of-life care, or if they ever fall into an incapacitated state. In this document, the individual, known as the Principal, will list exactly which life-prolonging treatments or procedures they will and will not consent to. A living will document will also name an Advocate to voice and make decisions in the best interest of the Principal. In Louisiana, all documents must be in align with Title 40 Chapter 1151 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes. These statutes specify that a living will must be created by a legal adult, and also must be dated and signed by its creator. Additionally, all living will documents in the state must be signed in the presence of two (2) witnesses. Although these documents may be legally binding as well as legally enforceable, the Principal may revoke them at any time regardless of his or her state of mind.

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A Louisiana Living Will can be completed fairly quickly with the right information. The first step to completing this document will be establishing the Principal's identity. This will consist of the Principal's first and last name, address, gender, and phone number. Next, the Principal will appoint their Advocate by providing the Advocate's name, address, telephone number. The Principal will then detail his or her healthcare preferences. This will consist of a set of consents and refusals that the Principal will declare in any instances that may arise. For example, some of these consents and results may involve blood transfusions, CPR, MRIs, life support and other life-prolonging interventions. Next, the Principal will provide information on his or her physician so that this document can be made a part of their medical records. Once the document is complete, the Principal will sign and date the will in the presence of his or her witnesses. The two witnesses will also sign, and the document may take effect.

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