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The Indiana power of attorney document is a legal form that allows an individual (known as a Grantor) to appoint a trusted family member or friend to handle personal affairs on their behalf. These affairs can include everything from handling personal business affairs to making important medical decisions.

In Indiana, there are multiple power of attorney forms for the many different tasks that a Grantor may need to be completed. This allows total flexibility and gives the Grantor full control of what powers he or she wishes to give away. This flexibility also allows the Grantor to appoint multiple Agents if he or she needs multiple affairs handled. For example, the Grantor may use a Minor Child Power of Attorney to appoint someone to take care of his or her minor child. This form is sometimes used by those actively deployed by the military who will be away for an extended period of time and cannot bring their children with them. This same Grantor may need someone to handle their tax affairs while they are away. To handle this, they may utilize a Tax Power of Attorney, appointing an accountant or CPA to handle their tax responsibilities. No matter what kind of power of attorney forms the Grantor uses, they must conform to Title 30, Article 5 of the Indiana Code.

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How to Complete an Indiana Power of Attorney

The Indiana Power of Attorney document is not a complex document and requires only a few pieces of information. First, the Principal will provide his or her full name and address. Next, he or she will provide the full name, address, and telephone number for the person they are nominating to be their Agent. Next, the Principal will then specify the powers being granted by describing what his or her abilities will be while the document is in effect. Once powers have been designated, the Principal will sign the document and have it notarized by a state-certified Notary Public.

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