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Indiana Last Will and Testament

An Indiana, a Last Will and Testament is a legally recognized and enforced document that allows a person, formally known in this situation as a Testator, to choose what will happen to their assets, and who will (and who will not) be named as a beneficiary. In Indiana, wills are governed by Title 29 of the Indiana Code which dictates that all Testators must be over the age of 18 years of age and of sound mind. In addition, the statutes require the Testator to obtain two (2) witnesses who must both sign in the presence of the Testator. Although these statutes do not provide specific provisions for Handwritten Wills, they are very specific on provisions for Oral Wills. In Indiana, oral wills must only be used in emergency situations. Additionally, this oral will must be witnessed by two (2) witnesses who are not beneficiaries in the will and must be reduced to writing no more than 30 days after its creation. Furthermore, Indiana law only allows Testators to dissolve up to $1,000 in personal property via an oral will.

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How to Complete an Indiana Last Will and Testament

Creating a last will in Indiana is a straightforward process that is simple, but requires attention to detail in order to avoid any confusion. The first thing that a Testator should provide is their full name and address. Next, the testator will provide the name of the individual charged with the responsibility of executing their will. Next, the Testator will declare their wishes in regards to their estate. These wishes may include how they want their property dispersed, who gets what liquid assets, and any funeral, burial, or repass wishes. Once this information has been provided in its entirety, the Testator and two (2) witnesses may sign so that it may take effect.

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