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The Hawaii Living Will is a document birthed from a power of attorney and an advance health care directive that allows a person to declare in writing what their end-of-life medical wishes are should they ever fall into an incapacitated or terminally ill state. This document would allow the individual, known as the Principal or Declarant, to specify whether they would or would not like to be subject to treatments and procedures like blood transfusions and feeding tubes. Hawaii uses Chapter 327E of the Hawaii Revised Statutes to establish the boundaries and provisions for living wills created in the state. These statutes allow the living will to withhold or withdraw any type of medical intervention that would prolong the dying process. This would include nourishment and breathing tubes and even medication that would prolong the dying process. However, living will document and appointed Advocates may not dictate mediation or procedures necessary for comfort or pain relief.

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How to Complete a Hawaii Living Will

The first step to completing a Hawaii Living will is to provide the Principal's identifying information. This information will consist of his or her first and last name, along with their gender, address, and telephone number. Next, the Advocate will be appointed. This is the individual who will ensure that the Principal's wishes are followed. His or her full name, phone number, and address should be provided so that the individual may be officially appointed. Next, the Principal will specifically detail any medical procedures, interventions, or treatments that he or she will and will not consent to. This section will cover specific instances so it is important to include every detail. Once this section has been completed and all of the Principal's wishes have been documented, he or she will then sign the document in the presence of two (2) witnesses. The two witnesses will then sign the document and it may then be made a part of the Principal's medical records.

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