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A Hawaii Last Will and Testament is a legal document that ensures that all of a person's wishes are met after their death. These wishes will notify living friends and relatives on what a person, known as a Testator wishes to do with their belongings and who, if anyone, they wish to leave these items to. In Hawaii, these documents are governed by Chapter 560 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes, which dictates that all Testators be over the age of 18 and be of sound mind and that all wills be signed by the Testator and two witnesses. Although the state does not recognize oral wills, written wills are recognized as long as they are written in Testator’s handwriting and are held to the same standard as standard last will and testament.

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How to Complete a Hawaii Last Will and Testament

In order to complete a last will and testament in Hawaii, the Testator would need to declare his or her full name and address. Once this information has been provided, the Testator may appoint an Executor; the person charged with executing their will. Next, the Testator will go into detail about how they would like their affairs handled, and who will inherit their property and assets. These sections can be lengthy and will often go into specifics, detailing what will happen with assets, property, and will even cover funeral and repass information. Once the entire will has been completed, the Testator will sign, along with two (2) witnesses so that the document will become legally enforceable.

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