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An Arkansas Living Will is a form that allows an individual to provide a written statement declaring what procedures and treatments they will and will not consent to if they ever fall into an incapacitated or terminally ill state. Essentially, the purpose of a living will document is to ensure that the Delcarant's wishes are followed when he or she cannot speak for themselves. This means that a family member, friend, or loved one may not direct healthcare professionals to provide treatments other than the ones you consent to. In Arkansas, Title 20, Chapter 17 governs and sets the requirements for all living will documents in the state. These statutes require the Declarant to be at least 18 years of age, of sound mind, and for the document to be signed by the Declarant, along with two (2) witnesses.

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How to Complete an Arkansas Living Will

Your Arkansas Living Will can be completed in just a few, detailed steps. The first step to completing this type of document is to provide your full name, address, gender, and telephone number. This information will confirm your identity as the Declarant of this living will. Next, you will provide information on who you are nominating as your Advocate by providing their full name, address, and phone number. Next, you will describe the treatments and life-sustaining procedures that you will, and will not consent to. These treatments may include or exclude resuscitation, CPR, feeding tubes, blood transfusions and more. Additionally, you may include information on any anatomical donations, a Guardian, and information on your Physician. Once these steps have been taken, and all of your wishes have been provided, you may sign the document in the presence of your two (2) witnesses, who will also sign the living will to begin its efficacy.

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