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Wisconsin Power of Attorney

A Wisconsin Power of Attorney is a document that allows a person to appoint someone they trust to take action on their behalf in specified situations. When these documents are used, the person named to carry out these responsibilities is referred to as the Attorney-in-Fact, while the individual who appoints them is known as the Principal. These documents can be used in a variety of situations ranging from real estate transactions to important healthcare decisions. Wisconsin uses chapter Chapter 244 of the Wisconsin Code to regulate and enforce all power of attorney forms created in the state. These statutes detail that the Principal must be at least 18 years old and that the document must be in writing, dated, signed, and of substantial form to the document described by the state.

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How to Complete a Wisconsin Power of Attorney

The Wisconsin Power of Attorney is a document can be completed in a fair amount of time; however, it is imperative that the information be accurate. The first piece of information that the Principal must provide is their own. This means that the Principal’s full first and last name must be documented, along with his or her full address. Next, the Agent will be appointed by providing his or her full name, address, and contact number. Once the identity of the Agent has been provided, the Principal will then describe the powers being conveyed to the Agent. Power of attorney documents come in many forms, and it is imperative that the Agent’s powers have been described. The Principal may sign and date the document in the presence of his or her witnesses so that the document may take effect.

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