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Vermont Power of Attorney

A Vermont Power of Attorney is a document that serves as a vital instrument for conveying decision-making authority to someone else. In these situations, an individual, known as a Principal, will use a power of attorney form to give someone else, known as an Agent, the ability to make decisions and conduct transactions on their behalf in various situations. Power of attorney documents come in various forms and can allow someone to convey authority in a variety of situations, ranging from vehicle and real estate transactions to the care of minor children and critical healthcare decisions. In Vermont, all power of attorney documents must conform to Title 14, Chapter 123 of the Vermont Statutes. These statutes require all power of attorney documents to be signed, in writing (not oral) and witnessed or notarized according to each document's signing requirements.

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How to Complete a Vermont Power of Attorney

A Vermont Power of Attorney is an easy document to complete and only just a few pieces of information from the Principal. The first step that the Principal will be to provide his or her full name along with his or her address. Next, the Principal will provide information on the Agent he or she is appointing by listing the Agent’s full name, address and contact number. Next, the Principal will then specify the powers being conveyed to the Agent. Once powers have been assigned, the document will be signed and/or notarized by a Notary Public before it will take effect.

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