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A Vermont Living Will is a document formed from a medical power of attorney and an advance health care directive. This document allows an individual to instruct their medical staff to their wishes regarding their preferences in treatments and care administered while they are in an incapacitated or terminally ill condition. In Vermont, Title 18, Chapter 231 of the Vermont Statutes require all testators to be at least 18 years old and be of sound mind when they create a living will. Additionally, all living will documents must be signed in the presence of two witnesses and be in statutory form before being deemed valid. Unlike many other states which allow a living will to be revoked by the Declarant in any form regardless of his or her mental state, Vermont limits revocations to oral declarations or by destroying the document. Furthermore, these oral revocations must occur in the presence of at least two (2) witnesses.

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How to Complete a Vermont Living Will

The first thing that a Declarant should do when completing their Vermont Living Will is to identify themselves by providing their first and last name, their address, their gender, and their phone number. Next, the Declarant will appoint the Advocate by providing his or her full name, address, and telephone number. The next section will detail the list of consents and refusals in regards to treatments that prolong the dying process. These treatments may include CPR, blood transfusions, feeding tubes, etc. Details on any anatomical donations and physician information will also be detailed in this section. Once the information is complete, the Declarant will sign the document in the presence of two witnesses so it may be made a part of his or her medical records.

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