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Utah Last Will and Testament

The Utah Last Will and Testament is a legal document that allows a person, referred to as a Testator, to make legal arrangements to ensure that their wishes are followed in regards to their estate after they pass away. In Utah, Title 75 of the Utah Code governs last will and testament documents, which not only set standards for the drafting of a will but also specifies which types of wills will be recognized by the state. According to Title 75, the state will not recognize a Nuncupative Will (commonly known as an Oral Will), even in emergency situations. Though Oral Wills will not be recognized, Holographic Wills, commonly known as Handwritten Wills, will be accepted as long as the signature and material provisions match the Testator’s handwriting.

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How to Complete an Utah Last Will and Testament

Creating a Last Will and Testament in Utah can be done in just a few simple steps. Although a will should work to provide as specific information as possible to ensure there is no confusion, amongst beneficiaries. A will in Utah will require the following components:

  • The full name and address of the Testator
  • The full name and contact information of the Testator's Executor
  • The Testator's wishes in regards to his or her estate; this section will name beneficiaries and state each one's inheritance.
  • Any wishes in regards to the funeral or repass service
  • The Testator's signature
  • Signatures of two (2) witnesses.

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