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A Texas living will is a document formally known as an Advance Directive that allows a person to direct doctors and healthcare professionals on the type of care that they would like to receive if they ever fell into an incapacitated or terminally ill state. A living will document will allow the Declarant to list the treatments, procedures and other methods used to delay the dying process that he or she will consent to and which ones he or she will refuse. In Texas, these laws are defined by Chapter 166 of the Texas Revised Statutes. These statues dictate that although a document like should be written and signed by the Declarant and two (2) witnesses, Chapter 166 also allows a Declarant to implement an oral living will, as long as two witnesses and the attending physician are there to attest the creation of this oral agreement.

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How to Complete a Texas Living Will

A Texas Living Will can be completed in just a few steps with the right information. The first step to completing a living will is to provide the Declarant's information. This will consist of his or her full name, address, gender, and telephone number. The next portion of the document will cover the appointed Advocate. The Advocate would be appointed by providing his or her first and last name, telephone number, and current address. If the Declarant wishes to appoint an alternate Advocate or to attach a healthcare power of attorney, this may be done here. The next section of this document will specify which life-prolonging treatments that the Declarant will and will not consent to. Once the document is complete, the Declarant will sign in the presence of two (2) witnesses and the document may be made a part of his or her medical records.

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