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The Tennessee Power of Attorney is a document that allows an individual, known as a Principal, to appoint a person they trust to be their representative in a particular matter. These forms come in a variety of forms, to allow a person to appoint an individual in a variety of situations. In Tennessee, all power of attorney forms must conform to Title 34, Chapter 6 of the Tennessee Code. When using a Healthcare Power of Attorney, the state of Tennessee allows Agents to make healthcare decisions in regards to any type of procedure, treatment, diagnosis, and any other method of care that may be employed by a healthcare facility. Tennessee law describes that death by starvation or dehydration must be specifically directed by the Principal in his or her power of attorney forms written in statutory language. As far as signing and witnessing goes, each type of document carries a different signing requirement. However, the majority of documents require at least the signature of the Principal plus two (2) witnesses or notarization.

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A Tennessee power of attorney is a document can be completed fairly quickly; however, it is imperative that the information be accurate. The first piece of information that the Principal must provide is his or her full name and address. Next, the Agent's name and address will be provided along with his or her contact number. Once this information has been provided, the Agent's powers will be described along with any special instructions. Now that all of the instructions, names, and information has been provided, the signatures may begin. The first signature that will be provided is the Principal's. Next, the Principal will either have the document notarized or signed by two (2) witnesses.

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