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Oklahoma Power of Attorney

An Oklahoma Power of Attorney document is a form that a person would use to appoint someone they trust to act on their behalf in situations where they are unavailable or unable. Power of attorney documents also come in many different forms to address different situations where one would need representation. Power of attorney documents come in many forms to address an individual's various needs and even come in a limited form to ensure that an individual does not give away all of their authority if they do not want to. Chapter 58 of the Ohio Statutes requires all power of attorney documents to be signed by its creator, and witnessed by two (2) individuals in order to be legally enforceable. Additionally, these forms must be substantially the same as the documents described in Title 58.

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How to Complete an Oklahoma Power of Attorney

Completing an Oklahoma is a fairly simple and straightforward process that requires just a few pieces of information from the Principal, the person who is conveying their authority. The first piece of information that he or she will provide is their first and last name and address of residence. Next, the Principal will appoint his or her Agent by providing his or her full name, address, and contact number. The Agent is the person being appointed to carry out responsibilities on behalf of the Principal. Once the Agent has been named, the Principal will then describe the powers that he or she is conveying. Lastly, the Principal will date and sign the agreement, and have the document notarized and/or witnessed so it may then take effect.

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