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The New Mexico Power of Attorney document is a legal form that allows a person, referred to as a Principal, to allow someone they trust to act as their "Agent" and make legal decisions on their behalf. These documents come in many different forms and work to address different areas where the Principal may need someone to act on their behalf. For example, a power of attorney may cover healthcare decisions, vehicle registration needs, tax preparation, minor child care, and so much more. In New Mexico, all power of attorney forms must comply with Chapter 46-B of the New Mexico Statutes which requires all Principals to be legal adults (or emancipated minors). Furthermore, all power of attorney documents must be in writing, witnessed (or notarized) and signed by the Principal. Additionally, the majority of power of attorney documents employed in New Mexico require notarization in order for them to be effectively implemented and legally enforced. The only type of power of attorney document in New Mexico that is exempt from any form of notarization is the New Mexico Tax Power of Attorney, which requires only the signature of the Principal.

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How to Complete a New Mexico Power of Attorney

The first step in completing a New Mexico Power of Attorney is providing the Principal's information. This will consist of his or her first and last name, along with their address of residence. Next, the Principal will identify their Agent by providing his or her full name, address, and contact information. Once the Agent has been appointed, the Principal will then indicate which powers are being appointed to the Agent. Finally, the document will need to be dated, signed, and notarized before it will take effect.

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