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A Nevada Power of Attorney is a document that allows a person to convey their decision-making power to someone else that they know. There are various types of power of attorney documents that cover various areas like real estate transactions, vehicle registration, and even healthcare. In these instances, the person who is conveying these responsibilities is known as the Principal, while the person they appoint to handle these responsibilities is referred to as the Agent. In Nevada, all power of attorney forms must comply with Chapter 162A of the Nevada Revised Statutes. In regards to healthcare, Nevada allows the appointed Agent to consent, refuse consent, or withdraw any type of care, treatment, service or procedure that works to maintain, diagnose, or treat any physical or mental condition that the Principal may have. However, Agents cannot make any decisions that pertain to the Principal being committed to a mental health facility, being sterilized or receiving an abortion. Additionally, Agents may not make decisions that pertain to psychosurgery or any other treatments that the Principal specifically designates.

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How to Complete a Nevada Power of Attorney

To complete a Nevada Power of Attorney, the first thing that the Principal will need to provide is his or her first and last name, along with their complete address. Next, the Principal will identify their Agent by providing his or her full name, address, and telephone number. Once the Agent has been appointed, the Principal will then specify the powers that are being conveyed. Finally, the Principal will sign and date the document, before having it witnessed or notarized.

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