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A Nebraska Living Will is a document that allows an individual, known as a Principal or a Declarant, to declare their healthcare wishes and appoint an Advocate to act as their representative if they ever fall into a terminally ill or incapacitated medical state where they are unable to communicate their wishes. This document allows a person to ensure that they will have a representative that they trust making decisions in their best interest, but a living will also allows them to specifically state which life-prolonging treatments and procedures they will consent to and which procedures they will not consent to. These treatments/procedures may include CPR, feeding tubes, life support, blood transfusions and more. In Nebraska, all living will documents must conform to Title 20 of the Nebraska Revises Statutes which declare that all documents must be signed by two (2) adults (or a Notary Public), and must be substantially in the same form as the living will document described in Title 20. Furthermore, these statutes allow a living will to be revoked by the Declarant at any time regardless of the Principal's medical or mental state.

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How to Complete a Nebraska Living Will

In order to complete a Nebraska Living Will, the first piece of information that will be provided is the Principal's information. This will consist of his or her name, address, gender, and telephone number. Next, the Advocate will be appointed by listing their first and last name, address, and phone number at which they can be reached. The next section will detail which procedures the Principal consents to and which procedures or treatments he or she refuses. This section will also include information on anatomical donations, as well as the Principal's doctor. Once the Principal's wishes have all been recorded and the living will is complete, the Principal will sign in the presence of his or her two witnesses. The witnesses will follow suit and the living will can be presented to the Principal's doctor to be made a part of his or her health records.

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