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Minnesota Power of Attorney

A Minnesota Power of Attorney is a vital document that allows you to transfer your decision-making power to someone you trust. In a situation like this, you are considered the Principal while the person you choose to make these decisions is known as your Agent. In Minnesota, all power of attorney documents must comply with Chapter 523 of the Minnesota Statutes. Regarding healthcare, a power of attorney grants the Agent the power to consent or withdraw consent to any type of treatment, procedure or life-extending/sustaining procedure--including feeding tubes. These statutes also set a standard in which these forms must be completed. According to Chapter 523, these documents must be signed and dated by the Principal and two (2) witnesses or recognized by a Notary Public.

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A Minnesota power of attorney can be completed fairly quickly with just a few simple pieces of information from the Principal. First, the Principal will provide their full first and last name, in addition to their complete address. This will establish their identity as the Principal. Next, the Principal will appoint his or her Agent by providing his or her full name, address, and telephone number. Once the identity of the Agent has been confirmed, the Principal will then describe the powers that he or she has confirmed. Once the Agent's powers have been specified, the Principal may sign and date the document in the presence of his or her witnesses so it may take effect.

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