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Maryland Last Will and Testament

A Maryland Last Will and Testament is a legally enforced document that allows an individual, formally known as a Testator, to dictate how they would like their estate handled after their death. This form allows a Testator to choose beneficiaries for their property, liquid assets, valuable items and other belongings they may have. In Maryland, all last will and testament documents are governed by Title 4 of the Maryland Code. This statute dictates that all Testators in Maryland must be at least 18 years of age or older and be of sound mind in order to create an enforceable document. In addition, the statutes require a will to be signed by a Testator and two (2) credible witnesses. The statutes also specify that Oral Wills are not recognized. Handwritten Wills, formally known as Holographic Wills are only recognized if they are written outside the United States by someone actively deployed in the military. Furthermore, the will becomes null and void one year after the Testator's discharge unless he or she has passed away or is no longer capable of creating another will.

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How to Complete a Maryland Last Will and Testament

When completing a will, the first thing that a Testator must do is write their full name and address. Next, the Testator will need to appoint an Executor; this is the person who will carry out the responsibilities of the will. Next, the Testator will detail his or her every wish in regard to their estate. This will even include their wishes about their funeral and repass. Once all the pertinent information has been provided, the Testator, along with the two witnesses will sign the document into effect.

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