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A Kansas Power of Attorney is a legally recognized document that allows an individual, referred to as a Principal, to delegate his or her decision-making authority to someone else. There are many different types of this form, which allows the Principal great versatility to convey powers exactly how he or she sees fit. In Kansas, power of attorney forms must be in accordance with Chapter 58, Article 6 of the Kansas Legislature. These statutes require all power of attorney documents to be dated, signed, and witnessed by two (2) competent individuals. These statutes also restrict witnesses from being related to the Principal, being financially responsible for his or her care, or a beneficiary in his or her will. If the Principal does not wish to have the form witnessed, he or she may opt to have the form notarized instead.

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How to Complete a Kansas Power of Attorney

A Kansas Power of Attorney can be completed in just a few steps and requires only a few simple pieces of information.

Step 1 - Establishing the Principal
The identity of the Principal can be established by providing his or her first and last name, in addition to his or her full address.

Step 2 - Declare the Agent
The Principal may appoint his or her Agent by providing his or her full name, address, and contact number. If the Principal wishes to appoint a backup Agent, this can be done by providing the same information of the Alternate Agent.

Step 3 - Designate the Powers being Conveyed
In this section, the powers granted to the Principal will be explicitly described. If a Limited Power of Attorney is being described, these limitations will be specifically.

Step 4 - Signatures and Notarization
Finally, the Principal must sign, date and have the document witnessed and notarized.

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