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In Iowa, a Last Will and Testament is a legal document that an individual known as a Testator would creat to ensure that their beneficiaries receive their property, assets, and other belongings after they pass away. In Iowa, a Testator must be of "full age" and of sound mind. Governed by Chapter 633 of the Iowa Code, these statutes lay out the parameters of how a will must be constructed. These documents must also be witnessed by two individuals in the presence of the Testator and each other, both of which must be at least 16 years old. Sometimes emergency situations may not warrant the time needed to construct a standard will. Instead, the Testator may opt for an Oral Will, formally known as a Nuncupative Will, or a Handwritten Will, formally known as a Holographic Will. However, Iowa does not recognize and will not accept a Holographic Will unless it is written according to §633.279.

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How to Complete an Iowa Last Will and Testament

To create a last will in Iowa, the Testator will need to provide their full name and address. Once they've completed this information, they will need to appoint an individual to execute their will, known as an Executor. Once the Executor has been named, the Testator may then declare who they leave their assets to. This section will also detail any wishes that the Testator has in regards to his or her funeral and repass. After all of this information is complete, the Testator will have his or her two (2) witnesses sign, and the validity of the agreement may take effect.

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