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An Idaho Power of Attorney is a legally recognized form that allows a person to convey their legal decision-making power to another person whom they trust. A power of attorney can take many forms. This document can be used to appoint someone to make critical life decisions, and even to prepare another's taxes. Idaho covers healthcare power of attorney documents with chapter 39 of the Idaho State Legislature. This statute describes the requirements and the standards that each document must meet in order to be enforced. Idaho requires all power of attorney documents to be signed and dated by the principal and signed by two (2) witnesses.

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How to Complete an Idaho Power of Attorney

The Idaho Power of Attorney is a fairly simple document to complete and only requires a few pieces of information from the Principal. First, the Principal will need to provide his or her full name and address to establish his or her identity. Next, he or she will then provide information on the Agent he or she is nominating. This will be done by providing the full name of the Agent, his or her full address and telephone number. Next, the Principal will then specify the powers being granted to the Agent. These powers can be limited, or can be broad; this depends entirely on the Principal's wishes. Once powers have been designated, the Principal will sign the power of attorney form and have it notarized by a state-certified Notary Public.

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