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The Idaho Living Will form is a legal document that combines the effects of an advance healthcare directive and a power of attorney form. This document works by effectively providing an individual, referred to as a Principal or Declarant, a written account of what medical treatments and procedures they would and would not consent to in the event that they fall into an incapacitated or terminally ill state. In Idaho, all living will document must conform to Title 38, Chapter 45 of the Idaho States which allows a Principal to consent or refuse consent to any procedure or intervention that would sustain or supplement the vital function of life, in addition to prolonging the moment of death. These documents do not, however, cover any medical intervention that would alleviate pain or the administration of necessary medication. Idaho law also provides protections for physicians who may not agree with the directions of the living will or the instruction from the appointed Advocate. According to Idaho Law, a physician may withdraw care from the Principal without fear of civil or criminal liability as longa s he or she makes a good faith effort to assist the transfer of care to another physician.

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How to Complete an Idaho Living Will

The first thing that a Principal should do when completing their Idaho Living Will is to provide their first and last name, their address, their gender, and their phone number. This information works to confirm the identity of the Principal. Next, the creator of the document will provide information on the appointed Advocate. This will consist of his or her full name, address, and telephone number. Next, the Principal's healthcare wishes will be documented. These wishes will cover specific treatments in various instances, and will detail whether or not the Principal consents or refuses consent to things like CPR, blood transfusions, feeding tubes, and other types of medical intervention used to prolong the dying process. This section will also provide information on the Principal's physician. Once all of the necessary information has been provided, the Principal will sign the living will according to the state's requirements. This means that the Principal will sign the document, and have two (2) witnesses attest with their signature.

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