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The Georgia Power of Attorney document is a legally recognized form that allows a person to convey legal responsibility to another person whom they trust to make important decisions on their behalf. A power of attorney comes in many different forms. This document can be used to appoint someone to make critical life decisions, to care for one's children, and even to prepare another's taxes. In Georgia, power of attorney documents concerning healthcare decisions are covered under Chapter 31 of the Georgia Revised Statutes. These statutes require all power of attorney agreements must be in writing and signed by the individual who is conveying responsibility (known as the Principal). Additionally, these statutes require the Principal to obtain witnessing signatures from at least two competent, adult witnesses. Georgia law specifies that if a physician is unwilling or unable to abide by the Agent's decisions (the individual who the Principal appointed to make these important decisions), he or she must immediately transfer the Principal into the care of another doctor, and continue to provide care until the transfer has occurred. These statutes also provide protections for the doctor should he or she be concerned about following the Agent's decisions. Georgia provides protection for doctors from civil, criminal, or professional liability solely from following the wishes of the Agent.

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How to Complete a Georgia Power of Attorney

In order to complete a Georgia Power of Attorney, the Principal needs just a few pieces of information. First, the Principal will provide his or her full name and address. Next, the Principal will provide information on the Agent he or she is nominating. This will be done by providing the full name of the Agent, his or her full address and telephone number. Next, the Principal will then specify the powers being granted to the Agent. These powers can be limited, or can be broad; this depends entirely on the Principal's wishes. Once powers have been designated, the Principal will sign the power of attorney form, followed by two (2) competent witnesses.

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