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Colorado Power of Attorney

A Colorado Power of Attorney document is a legal form that allows an individual (known as a Principal) to convey legal authority to someone they trust to act as their "Agent" and make legal decisions on their behalf. In Colorado, all power of attorney forms must comply with Chapter 15 of the Colorado Statutes which states that an Agent may act on behalf of the principal including refusal of medical treatment or feeding tube. Additionally, if a Principal wishes for a power of attorney to be "Durable", meaning it remains valid even if the Principal becomes incapacitated, Colorado law requires the document to contain the following phrase: "This power of attorney shall not be affected by the disability of the principal".

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How to Complete a Colorado Power of Attorney

The Colorado Power of Attorney document comes in many forms and can grant a variety of powers to the Agent, depending on what the Principal decides. The first step that the Principal will need to take is to establish themselves as the Principal. He or she may do this by providing their full first and last name, along with their complete address. Next, the Agent will need to be identified by providing his or her first and last name, along with their address and contact number. Next, the Principal will then convey legal powers to the Agent. These powers can range from making critical healthcare decisions to preparing the Principal's taxes. Once these powers have been assigned, the Principal will sign the form and have it notarized so it can take effect.

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