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The California Power of Attorney document is a legal form that allows a person, referred to as a Principal, to legally appoint a person to act as their "Agent" who will make important legal decisions on the Principal's behalf. In California, all power of attorney forms must conform with §4121 of the California probate code, which dictates that these types of documents must specifically authorize the Agent to make medical decisions; it cannot be implied. Furthermore, signing statutes involving power of attorney forms (§4121-4122) require all power of attorney documents written in California to be signed by two (2) witnesses or a notary public. In California, a healthcare power of attorney allows the Principal to make decisions on the Principal's behalf in regards to any care, treatment, service or procedure, including treatments to prolong or end life.

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How to Complete a California Power of Attorney

The first piece of information that the Principal will need to provide this their full name and address (including their city, state, and zip code). Next, the Principal will need to provide the information of their Agent; this information will include the Agent's full name, address, and contact number. Once the Agent has been named, the Principal will then designate which powers he or she is conveying. Once the form has been completed, the Principal will date and sign the agreement before either having it signed by two (2) witnesses or notarized by a notary public.

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