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An Arizona Living Will is a document that allows you to provide a written declaration that states your desires about various medical treatments and procedures should you ever fall into an incapacitated or terminally-ill state. These documents are created while you are still in a sound state of mind, and will come into effect if one of the scenarios described in the document occurs. Essentially, a living will is a document that ensures that your wishes are followed. If a family member or friend attempts to direct doctors and medical professionals against your wishes, doctors will be legally inclined to follow the directives listed in this document. In Arizona, all documents must conform to Chapter 36 of the Arizona Statutes (§ 36-3261 and § 36-3262). These statutes not only set standards for the way living will documents are created, but also sets limitations on the areas that a living will may cover. For example, in Arizona, living will documents may not include a Declarant's wishes on comfort care or the alleviation of pain. In these areas, a doctor will provide these treatments according to his or her good judgment. However, living will documents may provide direction in areas of life-sustaining treatments such as CPR, resuscitation, feeding, breathing and hydration tubes, etc.

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How to Complete an Arizona Living Will

A Living Will in Arizona can be completed in just a few steps, however, it is important that the information provided be as detailed as possible to ensure that your exact wishes are followed. The first step to completing a living will is to provide your information. This will consist of your full name, address, gender, and telephone number. The next portion of the document will cover your Advocate. This is the individual who will voice your wishes according to the specifications of this document. You will appoint this individual by providing their first and last name, telephone number, and their address. If you wish to appoint an alternate advocate and/or attach a healthcare power of attorney, you may do so in this step. The next section of this document will cover life-sustaining care that you may or may not consent to. Here, you can specifically name what treatments and procedures you do and do not want to be subject to should you ever fall into an incapacitated or terminally ill state. Once these steps have been taken, and all of your wishes have been provided, along with any doctor and anatomical donation information that you wish to provide, you may sign the document. According to Arizona law, all living will documents, in addition to the Declarant, must be signed by at least one (1) witness, or a notary public.

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