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An Alabama Living Will is a legally backed document that allows an individual to declare their treatment wishes should the ever fall into an incapacitated state. This document is often known as a combination with an Advance Healthcare Directive and Power of Attorney form because not only does it outline the treatments that an individual wishes, or does not wish to receive, but will also appoint a person who will voice your wishes to healthcare professionals and ensure that your directives are followed. In Alabama, all living will document must conform to Alabama Code Title 22 which states that all living will documents must be in writing, along with being dated and signed by the creator of the will. Furthermore, all living will documents in Alabama must be signed in the presence of at least two (2) witnesses.

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How to Complete an Alabama Living Will

An Alabama Living Will can be completed in just a few steps, however, it is important that the creator ensure that all of the necessary state laws are followed so that the document may be enforced. The first step that the creator of a living will must take is to provide their personal information. This information will consist of their full name, gender, and address. Next, the creator will provide the information of the Advocate who will make healthcare decisions on their behalf. This information will include his or her full name, address, telephone number. If the creator wishes to appoint an alternate advocate, the same information will be provided of the alternate.

The next portion of the Living Will will go into detail about your wishes. These wishes will cover whether or not there is a specified date that you'd like the document to take effect and whether or not the creator would like to attach a Power of Attorney to this document. Next, the creator will detail all of his or her wishes regarding specific wishes in various circumstances. Once all of the creator's wishes have been detailed, he or she will then sign and date the document in the presence of two (2) witnesses. The witnesses will then sign, and the document may then take effect.

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