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A Living Will in the state of Pennsylvania is a legal document that allows an individual, known as a Declarant to provide a written declaration of their final wishes if they ever fall into an incapacitated or terminally ill state. A living will lists a number of consents that the Declarant may have, and will also detail what the Declarant will not consent to. These treatments and procedures may include CPR, blood transfusions, feeding tubes and more. In Pennsylvania, all living will documents must conform to Chapter 54 of the Pennsylvania Code, which states that all Testators must be of sound mind and all living will documents must be voluntary, and all living will documents must be dated and signed by the Declarant in the presence of two (2) witnesses. Living will documents compel physicians to comply with the Declarant's wishes. If the attending physician is unwilling to comply with the requests of a living will, he or she must transfer the Declarant to the care of another physician who is willing to comply.

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How to Complete a Pennsylvania Living Will

The first thing that a Declarant will do in order to complete their Living Will, will be to provide their own information. This will include their full name, address, gender, and telephone number. Next, the Declarant will provide the same type of information for Advocate. This will consist of his or her name, address, and telephone number. Once the Principal and Advocate have been named, the Principal will now detail which procedures and treatments he or she is providing consent for. Once this information is complete and the Declarant has listed, in detail, which procedures he or she is consenting to, then he or she will sign the document in the presence of two witnesses and have the document sent to their physician so that these instructions may be made a part of their medical records.

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